Thursday, April 3, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I would like to share what I had worn yesterday to work.  I recently started my new job as the assistant buyer for ThinkGeek, if you missed my announcement check it out HERE.  
As you can tell from my pictures, the dress code in the office is basically to look and feel good in what you wear and try not to offend anyone.  Yesterday was the first day since I had started that I took advantage of wearing a T shirt and leggings to work. Let me tell you, it's WAY more comfortable than business clothing {sorry for y'all out there that still have to wear suits to work!} 
We are also allowed to bring out dogs to the office {and my office already has the baby gate ready} But if you have met my dog, or seen videos of him before, I'm not sure my dog is office ready no matter how laid back the vibe is there.
Anyway, back to yesterday's outfit. Jet would not sit still or get out of the way long enough to take a picture, he wanted to be the center of attention as soon as I got home.
What I Wore Wednesday~ The Dreams Weaver
Jet finally sat still long enough to give me his paw for a picture.
What I Wore Wednesday~ The Dreams Weaver

Where to get my look:

ThinkGeek Classic Star Wars X-Wing

Uniqlo Easy Knit Legging Pants

Toms Classic Canvas Slip Ons

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