Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Coffee Filter Flowers

I am sure that I am not the only one out there that loves having bright flowers in the house, especially on gloomy winter days! However, fresh flowers are always such a hassle, and never live long enough. 
I have tried the fabric flowers, but they always look so fake and cheap looking no matter how hard you try! That is where my coffee filter flowers come in. To me, they look like a carnation, or a bunch of hydrangeas, maybe?  I had these coffee filters in the house and I only own a Keurig...
Coffee Filter Flowers~ The Dreams Weaver
Learning how to make paper flowers is so much fun and the creative aspects are endless! They can even be dip dyed for different affects. These homemade flowers are easy and are perfect for budget decorations, easy homemade gift ideas, or to help brighten your home. I whipped up my bunch today while watching the Food Network, they really take zero thinking. 
What you will need:
  • Several coffee filters, each flower will take 6.
  • Clear drinking straws
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stapler 

Coffee Filter Flowers~ The Dreams Weaver
Flaten the coffee filters so that they are easier to work with. (#1 below) 
Take 3 coffee filters and fold them into quarters. (#2 and #3) Now cut scallops. (#4) You don't need to be precise, this is just adding some dimension! Do this with 3 more coffee filters; each flower will use 6 total. 
Coffee Filter Flowers~ The Dreams Weaver
Stack all 6 of the coffee filters. Scrunch the bottom up as shown in the top left photo (#5) and staple it down. 
Open up your flower as much as you can. It won't lay flat but you'll need to know where the center is. (#6) 
Take the top layer and scrunch it up tight, squeezing the bottom of your flower. (#7) 
Continue scrunching each layer, one at a time. (#8) 
Coffee Filter Flowers~ The Dreams Weaver
Lastly, staple a straw to the base of the flower and wrap some tape around it to stabilize it. 
Do this for each one of your flowers, until you get the amount of flowers you would like for your bouquet to have. 
I made a total of five flowers for mine. I also made two flowers with only 4 coffee filters to give my bouquet variation in sizes so they look more realistic. 

Sit back and enjoy your new flowers! 
Coffee Filter Flowers~ The Dreams Weaver

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