Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target Has Arrived!

As I impatiently awaited for the Peter Pilotto for Target collection to launch on the Target website at 12 am this morning, it never went live!
I was on the phone with my mom and sister {3 way call with my mom holding her house phone with me on the other end and her cell with my sister at the other end} trying to figure out our plan of attack.  As we were researching, we found that the collection would launch sometime in the "wee hours of the morning," whatever that meant.
We decided to wake ourselves up as early as possible to check.  My mom called me at 5:30 am that it had launched!

This is what I ordered, fingers crossed that none of it gets backordered!
Peter Pilotto for Target Has Arrived!~ The Dreams Weaver
I decided to not even bother the trek out to one of the stores this morning, knowing the mad house it will be even though I really wanted the purple floral print sleeveless dress {not sure if it's worth the $70, but Target made that decision for me!}

What were you able to score today?

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