Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fruit-Infused Vodka

Making your own fruit-flavored vodkas is the best way to preserve the season and take advantage of the abundance of fruit! This is the perfect way to preserve your left over fruit when you got just too much of it! {or picked too many!}  

You can create single fruit-infused vodkas, or come up with a concoction of multiple fruit flavors. The possibilities are endless!  

You don't need to get a fancy vodka for this. The fruit becomes the dominant flavor, so use a basic not too-expensive bottle.  

Fruit-Infused Vodka~ The Dreams Weaver

What you will need: 
2 cups chopped fruit, a single fruit or a mix of fruits  
2 to 3 cups vodka  
1 quart canning jar or other container with lid  
Measuring cup  
Small funnel 
Fruit-Infused Vodka~ The Dreams Weaver
The first step is to prepare the fruit to be infused. Wash and pat the fruit dry. Chop the fruit into small pieces, trimming away any stems or other inedibles. Peels can be left on or peeled off. 

Fruit-Infused Vodka~ The Dreams Weaver

Transfer all the fruit to the canning jar and pour the vodka over the fruit. Use enough to completely cover the fruit and fill the jar, about 2 to 3 cups in a 1-quart jar. Seal the jar tightly and put it somewhere out of direct sunlight.  

Fruit-Infused Vodka~ The Dreams Weaver

Next, infuse for 3 to 5 days. Make sure to shake the jar of fruit and vodka daily. You'll see the vodka gradually take on the color of the fruit. Taste it after 3 days and continue infusing to your liking. Most fruit vodkas are finished in 3 to 5 days, but you can continue infusing the vodka for longer.  

Next, we need to strain the fruit vodka. When the vodka has been infused, separate the fruit and the vodka by straining it into a measuring cup. If your fruit had a lot of seeds or sediment, line the strainer with cheesecloth before straining. Discard the fruit after straining, or you can freeze them and use as garnish in a cocktail! 

Fruit-Infused Vodka~ The Dreams Weaver

 Lastly, you need to transfer the fruit-infused vodka into a bottle. Pour the vodka into clean glass bottles and store out of direct sunlight. 
Fruit-Infused Vodka~ The Dreams Weaver

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