Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring 2014: Hometown Carabox Reveal!

This past month a participated in my first Cara Box Exchange! If you don't know what this is, head over to Wifessionals to learn more and sign up for the next one in June! 
Spring 2014: Hometown Carabox Reveal!~ The Dreams Weaver

The only requirement for the Cara Box exchange is an Instagram account to get to know your partners.  You are paired up based on an age bracket {ie. 20s, 30s...}  
You are paired with one girl to give a Cara Box to and one girl to receive a Cara Box from.  This Cara Box's theme was hometown.  We were to send out partners items from our hometowns based on the likes and interests of our partner.
I was paired with Tiffany and Amy and was able to get to know more about them via their Instagram photos and emails.
Amy was born in New York like me, but she has moved a lot since then...MA, CA, and now WA!  She loves coffee like I do, and her husband even works for an espresso machine company!  In her spare time she likes to paint, crochet, cook, and eat out. {I sent my New York box to Amy}
Tiffany is a southern girl from Alabama!  She is a pediatric nurse, she has two stepchildren {one's name is my last name!} and an 8 month old baby that she loves posting Instagram photos and videos of.  In her free time she likes to go on dates with her husband, play with her kids, and go shopping.
Spring 2014: Hometown Carabox Reveal!~ The Dreams Weaver
My Cara Box came from Tiffany all the way from Alabama.  
Keychain- Roll Tide, Alabama football
Starbucks cup
Tea- to make southern sweet tea
Monogram bag- southerners like monograms
Eyeshadow- Alabama colors purple and gold {except I had a purple explosion all over from my mailman}
Sparkly ponytails that can double as bracelets

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